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Our List of Unique Services

Sales Consultancy

Converting Strategy into Revenues

At Nora Plus, we will carry out a sales audit of your company, from the product, process, people and revenue growth. After the sales audit, we will help you identify your sales bottleneck and come up with a robust strategy on how to bridge the gap. We will not only recommend the right actions, but we will implement them together to create the desired changes.
We can engage on work full-time for a specific time period but ordinarily we are engaged on an interim or part-time basis to assist with a particular sales project or growth challenge


  • Developing a compelling sales and marketing proposition to acquire more customers
  • Help in reviewing Sales and Marketing and Business Development plans and strategy.
  • Improving Sales processes, tools and CRM systems and developing robust KPIs.
  • Acting as your sales manager for a particular agreed period to increase sales growth.
  • Sales team performance management, sales turnaround and incentivization/reward, strategies for sales growth and testing new products or services.
  • Helping you adopt a more consultative and solution based sales approach.
  • Sales training, coaching and mentoring of sales staff and recruiting of new sales personnel.

Digital Marketing

Bridging the gap between technology and marketing

At Nora Plus, we bridge the gap between technology and marketing by digitally connecting products and services to designed online consumers.

Are you unsure of how to craft a digital strategy for your business? Do you doubt whether digital marketing is a right solution for your business? Are you debating the usefulness of digital marketing to your SME and Startup? You are in the right place and your doubts will be addressed at Nora plus.  We develop your digital strategy for you that aligns to your organizational goal and then we implement it together.
We will build your online presence, we will connect you with your consumers, we will engage your consumers and ultimately we will grow your online sales.

Market Research

Market Insight gained through market research.

We provide market insights to SMEs and Startups through conducting market research using primary and secondary research methods. We believe that no matter the size of the company, you should have scientific data to plan your growth.

No matter the stage your business is at, market research is a tool we recommend to assist you understand the environment you are operating in. For a long time, SMES and Startups have viewed market research as a pre requisite for big corporate. At Nora Plus we have demystified this and assisted SMEs and Startups to blend intuition with scientific data to come up with a cutting edge solutions for their business growth.


Route to market strategy development & implementation

NoraPlus will help you with your route to market strategy development and implementation. We will help you in expanding your distribution channels so as to align your marketing strategy with your distribution strategy in order to meet your desired product penetration quota and service the defined market niche.

We understand that you could have the best products and services but fail in putting them in front of the right customers. your route to market is how you sell your products and how you plan your sales. It’s one of the most important things to get right. If you don’t sell the way tour customers want, then they won’t buy your products.

At Nora Plus we will develop Route to Market Model for you to help you achieve the following:

  1. Spend less and sell more.
  2. Get the right products and services to the right customers at the right time
  3. Retain existing customers and secure profitable new customers.
  4. Optimize your marketing mix and sales and distribution channels to maximize revenue and profitability throughout the product life cycle.
  5. Get everyone in product management, marketing, sales, customer service, and your distribution partners aligned and working together to maximize results.
  6. Determine the optimal level of spending for each function in marketing, sales and customer service, for each market segment, product and service.

Field Marketing

Merchandising to Support Your Field Marketing

You need your products and services in front of the consumers. Rather “out in the field” at the retail stores, events, schools, conference… You know consumers buy what they see, consumers remember what is always brought at their eye level.

Field marketing is a strategy that deploys teams of sales and marketing professionals supporting your brand to make sure you gain the greatest possible presence and can leverage and negotiate competitive advantage directly with retailers, shoppers and consumers.

Our merchandising services are a full range of services that includes shelf space and inventory management, ensuring planogram compliance, POS materials installation and daily market feedback.
We also execute promotional tactics for your product and services. We will sup- port you with a comprehensive range of customer focused activities, aimed to in- crease sales and brand awareness at the Point-Of-Sale. We provide trained resource for product in-store demonstrations, sample give a ways, tasting events and customer consulting at point of sales.

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