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We are a Business Development consultancy Agency helping businesses connect products and services to the right consumers

Why Noraplus

We are passionate about the Growth of SMEs and Startups

SMEs and Startups are the backbone of the Kenyan economy. We have built our business models to suit SMEs and Startups. We understand the budget constraints on your market spends. Our services are tailor made to fit your budget without breaking you bank. Needless to say, our core objective is to work with you through your growth journey. In every stage, we have yardsticks to paint your success story of revenue growth, customer acquisition, new market development and market share growth. Whatever your business development are we make it goal to navigate them together for success.

Why Noraplus

We are Personal

At NoraPlus, we do not believe in a one size-fits-all approach to business. All our clients are unique and so are our solutions for them. Our approach relies on research done on every business that helps us identify the unique struggles and shortcomings as well as unique strengths and opportunities that your business can leverage on to gain a competitive advantage in the market place. We bring your difference in the strategies we formulate. We amplify your DNA for your business and give it a competitive edge.

Why Noraplus

We Understand the Kenyan Market

The Kenya market is a very unique market. In order to succeed in business here in Kenya, you need to understand how the market works. Our team has vast experience in various industries across Kenya and beyond. We have a blend of both theoretical and practical business models that exhibit a higher success rate in Kenyan market. These models change from industry to industry and from each business case to another. Our team is well equipped to take a granular approach and recommend both tactical and strategies that will result to business growth

Our Services

Our List of Unique Services

"Working with Nora Plus has given our company a fighting chance. Being an SME in a highly competitive industry meant that we had to do exceedingly well in order to survive. Nora plus gave us a unique approach to marketing enabling us not only target but connect with consumers who were ready and more than willing to purchase our products and services."
Susan Kiprono
C.E.O - Kiprono Group

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